The third volume of my extremely esoteric and experimental art films. 

Short of sharing them in a few conscious circles online such as Reality Sandwich, I've told virtually no one about them and have done nothing to promote them. Which is taking a bit of a Morpheus attitude of "No one can be told what the Matrix is, you have to see it for yourself" and letting the series be found on its own. 

Since it takes a certain level of consciousness to even understand most, if not all, of the ideas being expressed, I currently expect 95% of people to "not get it" because 95% of people have not yet un-plugged from the matrix of our culture. They're deep in the swamps of fear or apathy or trapped in a Hegelian Dialectic of voting for the political party their parents voted for or thinking incremental or piecemeal political reform is possible from outside of themselves. I fully expect those types to best brush off these projects or worse, claim their "mumbo jumbo" or "preachy and political".

Our species is engaged in an evolution of consciousness. Even though it's a mind numbingly slow process, letting the sleepers sleep is important because the only way one can awaken is to awaken themselves. Which takes time. Lots of time which surprise surprise, our culture makes people think they don't have much of these days. If you've watched these projects, haven't immediately rejected them, are able to actually listen to most (if not all) of them, find them interesting or insightful, and want to learn more, then you're well on your way to becoming a more authentic human being and I would say congratulations are in order.

They definitely go into a realm of different and unknown and are full of "funny ideas". Especially those of the psychedelic variety, which are terrifying to a culture that wants people to watch television, drive SUV's, have back yard BBQ's, and go shopping. But the times they are a changing and people are slowly waking up to the fact that our entire cultural operating system is in desperate need of re-design from the ground up. So as that time goes on, I hope to see more folks stumbling across these projects. Of which I'm planning to make nine total over the next few years.