TOYOTA GT86 "THE REAL DEAL" - Stink (2012)


A European spot for Toyota's performance car, the GT86, this one was a record breaker for shot count. 60+ in 90 seconds, mostly fully CG. Which of course made previs chaos so I wished I had more time to design the shots, but then ended up coming full circle helping out Ned Wilson and the comp team a bit on the back end.

The story of the peice is about a game like CG human in a Truman Show like CG world who comes across a contraband real life version of the car and then uses it to escape into the real world.

After a day of previs camera capture serving as a guide for the shoot in Barcelona Spain, the VFX workflow used was live action plates with the real car, keeping the real car and camera move, and replacing the environment with game like CG environment. This marks our second collaboration with Adam Berg, this time for London based production company Stink.