The Matrix Reloaded - Warner Brothers (2003)


I started out on Reloaded in late 2002 by providing set surveying, measuring, and texture photography of the temple cave set in Alameda, California. GKR would later create a fully CG version of the environment. I then served as a conceptual Matte Painter and co-designed the Engine Room beneath the futuristic city of Zion. It took 6 months to perform modeling, texturing, lighting, and compositing for the establishing shot of that environment.

One of my other major challenges on the show was completing 9 set extension temple shots in 7 weeks. Following work on the “Bane Assimilation” sequence featuring two shots of agents dematerializing - a signature Matrix effect. The sequence was especially nice to work on becuase of the beautiful low-key plate photography Bill Pope A.S.C. had shot.

On May 15 2003, the day Reloaded was released in theaters, I graduated from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film & Computer Arts. Gaining 3 years of professional feature film experience prior to graduating.