Did a few days of on-set vfx supervision work with Ross Emery ACS, Chris Clarke, and Colin Kaepernick on behalf of Suspect VFX in NYC for an SK Energy drink commercial. 

I occasionally still do set supervision work and once appeared twice on this goofy list of top visual effects set supervisors. To this day I get inquirys for my now quite outdated documentation which I wrote while I was Giant Killer Robots visual effects set supervisor and is a rare find for those looking for first hand information on this niche job. 

Sort term on set gigs can be great because you can meet healthy new connections, often times be challenged, and not get too bogged down cause they come and go quickly. They're also usually quite fun. The main down side about them is you generally only get paid for the days you're on set but often times have to have weeks of un-paid meetings and planning ahead of time.