SIMCITY - Mothership (2012)


It's pretty great to have a career theme of working on projects that are sequels or franchises you've previously been an outside fan of. Like the Matrix and every comic book movie I've been affiliated with, Simcity is one of those projects. I remember playing the first Simcity back in the early 90's on Super Nintendo and doing the initial production design and camera work for this new cinematic for the latest version of the game which is a fresh reboot, was quite nostalgic.

This version of the game is great because it blends traditional elements of what's always made Sim City great, the former fixed perspective aerial point of view, with new graphics technology that has allowed the viewer to get closer and more intimate to the street level subject matter, all in a modern day tilt-shift photography style.

After building a rough set, we used a day of camera capture to not lens final shots but instead find our angles and shots very quickly and efficiently before fine turning.

Even more than real tilt-shift photography, HUGE inspiration for the spot was taken from this promotional piece for the amazing model sets of Germany's Miniatur Wunderland.