POSEIDON - Warner Brothers (2006)


Worked with Boyd Shermis for a month-and-a-half on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, California. My role was as On-Set Supervisor for two of GKR’s sequences on the film. The first of which was the elevator sequence he co-supervised with 2nd Unit Visual Effects Supervisor Eric Pascarelli.

The second sequence was the ship's nightclub during the boat's roll. Since most of the sets for Poseidon were built twice, the right-side-up nightclub set was a redressed VIP lounge at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angles and the up-side-down set was built in Stage 22 on the Warner lot. At the Staples Center I photographed 63 extras which were then cyber scanned to serve as digital stunt doubles during the roll. The sequence also entailed supervising plates shot on the film’s 40x30 foot gimble tilt platform and bluescreen stage. During post I helped Mike Schmitt oversee post work for the elevator sequence at GKR.

In July of 2006, I spoke with Boyd, Kim Libreri & Mohen Leo from ILM, Steve Moncur from MPC, and Brian Hirota from CIS at the Visual Effects Society Festival regarding our work on Poseidon.