Occupy Together - UMIMU (2011)


I’m politically aware enough to know the legitimacy and phenomenal importance of Occupy Wall Street. After being part of the initial march of Occupy LA and spending the first few weekends there I wanted to do even more to support the movement and decided to use my skill set to create a advertisement to help get the word out.

After shooting quite a bit of live action footage at the LA camp at city hall downtown with no particular narrative idea in mind and after seeing all the amazing YouTube footage along with a series of nicely shot live action pieces from Zuccotti Park and other occupy campsites around the US, I decided to go a different direction. I knew I could create a short and effective spokes piece in under a month by making it a still moment in time without any animation, designed in a graphic novel style, with a very simple and to the point concept. The primary goal of which was to capture the deeply empowering feeling and energy one can get from peaceful democratic protest within a group that's on the right side of history. Jeremy Joyce's song "Occupy" is certainly key to help elevate the spot to that level of emotion.

They said they came to Liberty Plaza to inspire a nation wide movement. Instead they inspired a world wide movement.