Mt. Paran - Maruder Film (2012)


Color graded this witty short film for fellow close film making collaborator Bastiaan Koch.

So many of our passion projects can have mind numbingly long production schedules which take multiple months or even years to complete. This is primarily due to having visual effects being done independently with a tiny team as side work in addition to staff or freelance day jobs. Bastiaan wanted to bang out a project on the quick by shooting exclusively live action, only directing actors, while having a short post schedule that consisted of purely edit, score, mix, and color grade.

The goal for the color look was a retro Hystamatic/Instagram style to support the film's 70's horror/thriller feel. Since we were tight on time getting the piece out to festivals, I ended up grading it not per shot but per sequence using Magic Bullet Looks.

Stay tuned for festival updates...