I now have a regular side hobby of collecting audio selects of people talking about consciousness.

In order to do so, one must imagine I'm listening to a lot of esoteric sources, which is true. Most of the selects are coming from podcasts such as Red Ice Radio, The Psychedelic Salon, Joe Rogan, The C-Realm, Drunken Taoist, The Levity Zone, Psychonautica, Veritas, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, Occult of Personality, Coast to Coast, Super Woo, and a zillion amazing Youtube videos. All of which have to do with mind expansion and thinking outside the box. I can't recommend each one of them enough and they've inspired me to start my own little podcast Novelty Generators. Please all of humanity listen to great information sources such as these instead of old toxic corporate media.

Volume II on the monologues was executed using the same basic techniques used for vol I. The sound reaction particles were screen captured while being generated in real time. For future volumes I'll dive back into time intensive Trapcode Form, Sound-keys, and Particular. As well as the exclusive particle software Processing which has amazing customization ability. 

This piece packs more into it than Volume I. Many of the selects I've found very insightful and the piece concludes with Graham Handcock's amazing banned Ted talk.