2012 was a big year. Several things have clicked in my mind in recent times, occurring very gradually but definitely accelerating in 2012, to the point where I felt like that was THE YEAR where I "woke up". Pretty blown away was I when discovering the ancient, pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican, Mayan calendar predicted thousands of years ago a consciousness shift happening around this very time. Based around Earth's planetary precession of the equinox and mostly due to the existence of the internet. 

Being in constant research mode for both project development and personal growth, I've discovered a lot of incredibly intelligent & intellectual people who are ahead of their time. Anyone fitting this description will very likely have books, conversations, and lectures a plenty online. It's a tragidy that most people seem to rather spend their time watching sports then access this mind-expanding info which is now just a few clicks away. Diving into all of this, there are numerous themes which I hear over and over again from people I very much respect, telling me I should really pay attention to those specific items. One of which has been the word consciousness

Only having a surface level understanding of the word in my schooling years, I've come to understand there is a endless deep rabbit hole with this that all people would greatly benifit from exploring further. A game changing moment came during a chat I had on the podcast with Hamilton Souther telling me "consciousness is where it's at" and all the greatest minds are exploring it and tapping into it. In addition to this commonality I had been hearing, being told this directly in person by someone who knows what they're talking about shook something lose or opened something up. Being in a constant search for substantive material and wanting to output more stuff of high quality, more often then a few little spec spots per year which nobody watches, I decided to start collecting sound bites of these people talking about consciousness and put them into a series of projects. 

Since our species is essentially in the kindergarten of consciousness, with the vast majority of humanity being kept essentially asleep to why we are here and what we're doing, I couldn't think of a more substantial subject to focus a series of projects on. The idea is to do 9 feature length experimental films. Each a single shot and all art pieces like one might see in a gallery showing at a museum of modern art.

On Halloween 2013 I had a mind blowing psychedelic experience which gave me the inspiration to do these projects. During which I was essentially moving through endless halls and archives of Alex Grey style paintings, all moving and changing to icaros being sung. This experience of synesthesia, or 'seeing sound' is very common when in other dimensions. Shamans facilitate this experience through their singing as a guide for moving around these dymensional spaces. It's very typical for a person to find it difficult to use language to later describe such experiences after the fact. I had previously used computer graphic software to replicate a synesthesia/glossolalia technique, for the BS of D Toughest Skin music video, but at the time didn't understand this connection with the psychedelic experience and it's stunning ability to fuel imagination and creativity. I decided to take a different approach this time in creating the visuals moving to sound. Mainly due to time constraints with rendering since this is an hour + long project which means it's over 100000 frames long. This was primarily achieved using two different visualization software's called Grid and Floating. Both act similar to a music visualization plugin one would see in Winamp or iTunes music software, where visuals react to what ever sound is being produced in real time. I Simply ran the audio and screen captured each pass as an element, later to be assembled in After Effects. Video Copilot is an amazing software plugin and tutorial website which, unlike the vast majority of tutorials, creates work which usually looks as good as final motion graphics or visual effects professionals make. Right as I was starting this project Andrew Kramer put out this great tutorial which I used to steer the visuals of the piece, starting on the Earth floating in the cosmos and then building talking visuals up over it.   

The audio clips used are from various sources covering many different years. If you search the word "consciousness" in youtube you get over a million hits so I knew creating a series of long form projects with visuals reacting to people talking about consciousness would have to be non-linear. Otherwise it would take me a lifetime to find clips in a narrative order. So now as I find new clips, I'll just keep tacking them on until the next 2 hour audio edit is ready and continue repeating that process. On a final note, pardon the piece being so male dominated. I've noticed this seems to be a very male heavy area in terms of amount of discussion and am working on getting more intellectual women included in future volumes.