HAPPY FEET - Warner Brothers (2006)


My first animated feature. Divided time between doing environment modeling, surfacing, and lighting at GKR in San Francisco. During the last month of the show a small team from GKR ended up going down to work at Animal Logic in Sydney Australia to finished out compositing a hand full of shots including 36_18; an extremely complex shot of a glacier collapsing which ended up being the last final of the film.

The film's director, George Miller, is a phenomenal filmmaker who influenced an entire generation. 30 years later, the action sequence at the end of The Road Warrior is still one of the most impressive ever filmed. Getting to meet and work with him was obviously a Fabulous experience. Production Designer Mark Sexton and Art Director Simon Whitely were also interesting teachers. For all that Kennedy/Miller, Animal Logic, and Warner Brothers went through to get this film made, this was by far the hardest finish of a project I had ever worked on with by far the greatest reward. Thanks for the thanks George…