The pitch and kickstarter campaign to help us finish Auroras are online until February 2014.

As our previous top down societal operating system of gatekeepers and hierarchy continues its ever so slow dissolve, crowdsourcing is truly the future. I'm very bottom up and not top down in almost all regards so I think Indiegogo & Kickstarter are some of the best websites in all of the internet because they democratize the approval process allowing ANYONE the opportunity to help bring ideas to life.

If the project intrests you we would love for you to take part. Our goal is quite modest compaired to what it could be for the production value of the project, mainly because this is A, my first Kickstarter and B, most of my work has yet to get much notice online. I'll be coming out of the hermit cave to give at least a few updates on the project to backers along the way and feel free to contat me if you have any questions regarding the film.