QORA - Curve Digital (2014)

Delighted to have been a supporter of the indie retro game "Qora". A mysterious trip to gorgeous and surreal lands, players explore the unknown and harness mystical powers which have been hidden in the valley for centuries.

Name in credits here.

I grew up playing adventure games on the computer. Mainly the old Sierra Online 3rd person games. To this day they are the most nostalgic thing from my childhood and anytime I think of them I go to a happy place. Qora's score and none-detailed yet still beautiful art direction totally captures that old feel.


There has been a resurgence of retro games and indie game developers lives often times mimic the lives of independent filmmakers. Struggling to get by, wanting to create their own content rather than someone else's, and taking higher risks with the potential for much greater rewards.  Highly recommend the documentary "Indie Game the Movie" which does a fantastic job of capturing this through the lives of a series of indie game creators. 

Along with graphic novels, I have a deep want to turn one of my stories in an indie game and very well may pursue that some day. Stay tuned...