Third Eye Iguanas

The short-form narrations continue in this piece, shot in Mexico in a very hot July of 2018.

Doing these little micro “films” is great because they happen in whatever I synchronistically happen to come across during the world travels, just like street photography. Document what’s there and then build a script around the subject matter. Good for not only honing your writing and research skills, but testing hardward as well.

Iguanas are known for their prehistoric look due to their very long tails, pronounced scales , and spiky spines.

They have extremely good eyesight and can see ultraviolet wavelengths. To see even more, they also have a very small third eye. This organ, called a parietal eye, is more subtle than their two main eyes, usually looking like a spot located asymmetrically on the top of their head. It does have a subdued pupil and cornea which don't see fully rendered images but instead senses movement and luminance changes. Extrinsically, it is used as an additional defense mechanism to detect predators.

Intrinsically, this eye, found in many reptiles, is linked to a small endocrine gland called the pineal gland, which can be found in the brain of mammals as well. Many ancient cultures through time have visualized a third eye on statues and deities as a mystical and esoteric concept said to provide a perception to higher states of consciousness beyond what even iguanas are capable of seeing.

Sometimes hints to mankind's higher capabilities that go beyond the 5 senses can be found in unusual places. Just as in these ancient creatures as they eat yesterday’s rotting leftovers.

Save the date for Nox Mente

Am going to be chatting with Niish and Jerry Ablan over at Nox Mente on the 19th of September. The podcast is dedicated to exploring consciousness through dreams, dreaming, and dream theory using a wide angle lens. They open up the conversation to a diverse world of dreamers. The show will be LIVE. Tune in as I'm planning to share my story about a re-occurring moving meditation dream-like state I've connected to for the last few years. This will be only the second time I've talked about it publicly so stay tuned for that. 

Here is a slightly stern and douchey picture of me for the upcoming chat!



In an effort to live lite, Niles has few physical books but an incredible library of digital files which can be much more easily transported and stored. Collecting a comprehensive amount of non-fiction digital books on the occult, the esoteric, philosophy, religion, mythology, folklore and more through the years, and they are now available to be shared with you in the products/store section of this site. A lifetime worth of study.

There are numerous thousands of e-books and spoken word audio files. Find out more here

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We here at are all about constant change and adjustment. There were a couple of things about the old logo which bothered us, so we've updated it. We already re-branded the name of the podcast once, which would be thought to be marketing suicide, but we did it anyway!  

As the podcast evolves, it is getting more esoteric and occult. Yes, that is great news thank you. So one of the goals of the new logo is to make it look both esoterically old and with a combined modern fresh design feel. We feel we have accomplished this, until we likely re-design it again in 2019. Ha!

Allergic Defenses

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In the spring, when the pollen spreads, it is beautiful.

Pollen can also be problematic for those who have sensitive sinuses because it is a classic catalyst for allergies.

Like nearly everything health related in life, allergies are caused by not only exposure to the environment, but mainly from our diet from the environment.

Simple supplemental and dietary changes can have a strong improvement on building up our defenses to some of nature's challenges.

In our current mechanistic society, the effect is often treated instead of the cause.

In our former holistic past we naturally cured the cause due to our balance with our mother Earth.

Nature will continue to test us, and we should learn from her examples, because she always bats last.

Higherside Chats Podcast - The Divine Mysteries & The Path Of The Mystic

Have taken part in a 1 / 2 conspiracy podcast punch! Part one was Veritas Radio and part two is The Higherside Chats. Please do support Greg Carlwood and his fabulous podcast which he puts so much of his amazing self into. Specific details below regarding the conversation around our feature film Transmutation. Supporting the show by becoming a plus member would be one of the best things you've done all year.

Regular show (The first hour of the conversation available for free)

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On this episode of everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast: It’s easy to feel disenfranchised with our cog in the wheel society and the life-sucking Empire perched above it. Draining us spiritually, emotionally, and in every other sense of the word. Stifling our innovation and development., and filling us with the aggressive indoctrination that if you seek a path outside of normalcy you will no doubt, crash and burn.

However, we still see some people outside of that cage who seem different: Freer, happier, enlightened and at peace – and we hear these outliers telling us that freedom is only a few brave choices away. That the Universe rewards the bold, and there isn’t much holding us back except our own fear. It’s a tough message to adopt, but there’s no denying the persistent call to tear down those cubical walls, shatter the shackles of the Empire, and orient our lives towards our True Will and the path of the Esoteric Tradition.

Well people, today we’re going to try and get the message through your heads one more time- as we’re joined by two people who know it well: Neil Kramer and Niles Heckman. You might remember Neil Kramer from the THC archives, as he was here once before almost 5 years ago. But for those who don’t, Neil is a philosopher, teacher, and esotericist. His work focuses on spirituality, mysticism, and metaphysics. He is a faculty member at the Omega Institute in New York, where he teaches spiritual philosophy, mysticism, esoteric studies, and self-development.

Today, in a rare trilog for this show, we’re also joined by Niles Heckman. A talented film maker and documentarian who has worked on several projects in line with the spiritual path including his Episodic Series “Shamans of the Global Village. Together, they’ve just released a new documentary entitled Transmutation. Written and Narrated by Neil and Directed by Niles, Transmutation is a documentary about becoming your best self, rejecting the Empire, discovering the beauty and dangers of a hidden spiritual path, and hearing from those who have transformed themselves by walking it. Two individuals aligned with the esoteric, champions of the Divine Mysteries, and the one-two punch of Transmutation. Neil Kramer and Niles Heckman.

VERITAS RADIO on Transmutation

Delightful to be a guest on Veritas Radio. An alternate media podcast encompassing the topics of UFOs, the paranormal, parapolitics, conspiracies, and more subjects. The show has had a consistent quality of excellent guests on these important topics for over 10 years. 

I've been a long time listener and now first time caller. Mel Fàbregas, Neil Kramer, and I dive into some additional aspects of Neil and I's feature documentary film Transmutation. How it came to be, it's theming, everyone involved, as well as creating something that is hopefully both beautiful and empowering.

Podcasts like Veritas are so great because they allow conscious beings a platform to unpack and unfold about their research and relevant works created to de-construct the drudgery of bourgeoisie material culture. Just as politics have gotten to the point where comedy shows are more informative and journalistic than talking head corporatized commentators, quality conspiracy shows are the same. Being a much better source for those with eyes to see and ears to hear to uncover a life path of truth. 


Not only is this heartfelt indie filmmaking at its purest, but also an example of intentionally organic zero-marketing. The filmmakers communicated only with existing audiences via email and social media, with any wider exposure coming gradually by word of mouth. Commercial suicide? The filmmakers don’t care. Niles Heckman said: “We honestly just wanted to play the long game and make something very beautiful and meaningful which can be watched 50 years from now and still be very much appreciated. And I believe we did. If it resonates with people who are curious about the deeper meanings of existence and seeking more, that’s wonderful.” The feature documentary explores the rarely-seen intimacies of deeply individualistic mystical experiences of everyday reality. 

Huge compliments from Mel on the film and it truly aligns with his shows goal which is the transmutation of human consciousness from ignorance and darkness to truth and enlightenment.

In Recovery With Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent, also commonly known as “The Nuge” or “Uncle Ted” is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and activist. His activism mainly stems from his conservative political views, his advocacy of no drug usage, and particularly his advocacy of hunting and gun ownership rights. He grew up in Michigan and spent his youth in the great outdoors, much of the time hunting with his dad, who was a World War 2 veteran and taught him about firearms very early and that ethos has been a strong part of his adolescent to adult life. He grew up in a right-leaning conservative upbringing and that has been his position ever since.


Although two-party politics is a divisive, old hat paradigm, not to mention a puppet show, I grew up in an opposite political upbringing to Ted Nugent. My parents are former hippies from the 60’s, did acid in Golden Gate Park, worked in Berkeley and I subsequently grew up in a left-leaning liberal household in the Bay Area of California. Suffice to say, Ted Nugent could be held up as an icon of everything in opposition to what I was raised with and is someone I used to despise. His loud mouth, “I’m positive I’m correct” and “lies bounce off me” attitude could be summarized in the W. B. Yeats quote “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

Over the years, I’ve known who Nugent was and the ideas he has always been so passionate on speaking about. As we grow and learn, it’s important to depolarize from identity politics, which much like religions, seem to be things people buy wholesale and go down the line on, feeling the same way on every issue regarding. One of the key principles which are very important to avoid is becoming so divisive and polarizing on “the issues”. Whatever the issues may be. Labeling people with a polarized title is a way to put them into a box and control them. Is she liberal? Is she conservative? How do I classify this? Through spiritual growth, we can come to depolarize ourselves where if we came from one background we may transition into another way of being which is an inner alchemical transmutation to the point where we become a nearly different being later in life than where we started. Thus, landing at a point where we exhibit all the best traits of true liberalism and true conservatism, which are centerpoints of balance and solidity. Some of those who have a knowledge of natural law and the seven hermetic principles, may use them for good Jedi wizardry or else engage in dark sorcery, using them to their advantage over others. We have all heard the term divide and conquer but not many realize that a false paradigm of left vs right politics is simply a tool to polarize the masses into different political teams and thus fight amongst each other while the real magic acts are happening elsewhere at the top of the power pyramid.

We can also look to ancient wisdom and etymology of words and come to know that modern translations of terms are not nearly what they used to be. So you might say a modern day liberal is often not liberal in the true sense of the word and a modern day conservative is not conservative as well. Both sides of the fence have been diluted and co-opted within the mainstream false paradigm two party system. I have a colleague who’s quite conservative in the true sense of the word, but his spirit is sky high. Because of that, even though he despises socialism, gun control, and the Democratic party while I still to this day despise theocrats, Monsanto, and Republicans, both he and I have depolarized enough that we still agree on most things regarding life and society from a larger metaphysical perspective. Mainly that the sovereignty of the individual is king. He’s one who has risen above voting for the modern day Republican party because of their support for the deplorable behavior of the political leaders of Zionist Israel for example and because of their stances on not letting women make their own choices about their bodies in regards to abortion. While I have also come far enough to say the Democratic party is rubbish as well, is in no way going to be ameliorating the injustices of the middle class and has been an equally terrible of a warmongering party as the Republicans, which I have no interest in ever voting for again. Does that mean both parties are the same? No. Yet are either the solution? No. So good on him for having a mind of his own, being a traditional conservative who cares about conserving the environment and also recognizes that the current Republican party is garbage. And good on me for being a liberal in the true sense of the word, meaning free, and caring about strong individualism and the ability of each person to live their lives without force intervention of any kind. Government or corporate.

Ted Nugent however, is very much a supporter of the modern day Republican party. Which is a very polarized position he still holds. In my personal continued attempt to go further and rise above that, thus depolarize from a purely opposite liberal box of looking at the world, two areas I could be not identified with my upbringing on are immigration and guns. As I am not paint by numbers liberal on immigration, since people who immigrate from less desirable countries to more desirable countries bring their positives, but their negatives as well. Yet, at the same time, I know that if anyone else is suffering, I am suffering and we should have compassion for those who need help. Which is most effectively done by allowing them to help themselves in their own native lands and not robbing those lands of their natural resources through imperialism. Upon recently seeing Nugent on an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, a venture which has still managed to retain some quality while being one of the most view podcasts on spaceship Earth, I would give Nugent the benefit of the doubt and listen to the conversation. And I must say that I agreed with about 80%+ of what this should be polar opposite figure to me had to say during the conversation. Perhaps due to my credit of continued attempts to zoom out and depolarize.

What is key in life is the creative and powerful individual and Nuget understands and highlights that through his passion. Most people who come to politics know that in modernity, there is an effort to reduce their rights and opportunities. Nugent holds rugged individualism and self-reliance up as being paramount, which is something that has come to be appreciated by this writer and I applaud him for always standing up for. I totally understand that gun ownership is in the constitution for a reason and that if an armed population has no guns then the militarized black iron prison of the machine of modern day Empire will certainly still have guns. It would be wonderful to live in a safe world where no one needed guns, as Bill Hicks said: “There’s no difference between having a gun and shooting someone, and not having a gun and not shooting someone.” But that’s not the world at this spacetime vector. So, until Empire goes, a responsible armed citizenry is a big nuisance and problem for the machine of control.

What’s rarely ever talked about but is very true and will get you a strike on YouTube for saying so is that some of the shootings in the United States are real, but the majority of them are staged psychological operations which instill a problem, reaction, solution dynamic of attempting to get the populous to self-remove their 2nd amendment rights which give them great power and great responsibility and treat them like adults. So believe it or not, I will support the pro-gun statement that we really don’t have a gun ownership problem in the United States, we have a mental health problem, which extends deep into the veins of our generally shallow and compassionless culture which throws so many under the bus who are left for years unloved or alone. So even though I called the NRA nuts because they seem to think the only solution to the problem is uzi’s for school kids, I’ll still meet Nugent a certain percentage of the way and find a balance point on any mentally healthy and responsible American having the right to own guns. But another question is, what type of gun? Because as Jim Jefferies said, “They’re not called protection rifles, they’re called assault rifles.” We also have yet to hear a rational and viable step by step solution from the right as to how to keep assault rifles out of the hands of the mentally ill. Since most right-wing policies only help corporations and billionaires, while throwing labor and the poor under the bus, many of the same folks that advocate for strong gun ownership have caused an amplification of mental illness through their other policies.

One of the most important tenets of the future is decentralization. Which is the process by which the activities of an organization, particularly those regarding planning and decision-making, are distributed or delegated away from a central, authoritative location or group and instead across the spectrum of everyone using the system? A co-op is a decentralized company which is owned by workers rather than the one CEO at the top who’s usually an asshole who is only nice to you as an employee because of your allegiance to the corporation he’s steering. Corruption is somewhat inevitable at our current not very good consciousness signal in the cell phone bar level of public awareness to the true nature of reality. So in a decentralized system, when corruption inevitably occurs, it hits smaller, more separate components of the system, rather than just infiltrating the one group at the top of the power pyramid. Nuge is a strong advocate of individualism which from a systems standpoint, is more decentralized over collectivism. Even though one could think of individualism as “I only care about myself” but it ultimately stems from each individual’s separate and unique journey in life, which when allowed to truly flourish creativity and spiritually, turns nodes on the network into much more powerful and unique sovereign entities. Nuge is a strong advocate of not relying on for government “handouts”, which is good if it’s about people being self-reliant and making situations work for them but bad if it becomes a politically expedient euphemism for eroding basic social services such as healthcare being a right and not a privilege. It doesn’t mean that we cant have a base standard of care and compassion for those who fall through the mental illness cracks but to sacrifice good individual expression for a group is worse than fixing bad individual expression based on the group.

The strongest advocate within him is that of a hunter. There is a massive difference between sports trophy hunting and hunting for sustenance. Sustenance hunting, which mankind has done since the dawn of time, especially prior to the invention of agriculture, is a birthright. If done with respect for the animal, sustainable harvesting is a spiritual quest or initiation, not to mention a profound life skill for the adult male to know and lesson learning for young males to experience. Knowing where your food comes from is key, and to Nugent’s credit, he does highlight unless you’re a vegan, you have no right to argue about killing animals and that vegetarian farming harms animals as well. Sometimes even more because of agricultural practices such as soybean oil, which is responsible for incredibly large amounts of forestation. I do believe and buy that as a lifelong meat eater, he has killed the vast majority of that food himself so he’s eating natural, grass fed, omega-3 healthy meat and looks very good for his age. If the type of animal being hunted is not sustainable, then that is a sad reflection on humanity and is called trophy hunting. It speaks to a macho juvenile male who instinctively wants to go out there and kill things to establish dominace and collect trophies for purely materialistic gain. As mankind has also hunted many species to extinction and we still very, unfortunately, see game hunters photographing themselves with endangered species to this day.

Like with all polarized right-leaning arguments I’ve heard through my lifetime, it’s not so much what is being said. It’s what’s not being said. Right wing polarized people tend to shit can government, while thinking corporations are the greatest things in the universe which can do no wrong and are engines of job creation. In reality, the government is a giant corporation, the united states has been turned into a corporation, even our names have been turned into corporations. The world has been corporatized and there is a massive difference between mega-giant corporations and small businesses. Better to be pro-small business, and anti corporate power. Since the problem with the government is that it is corporatized, only acting as a placater to corporate power. This is what lobbying (which really just means corruption) and money in politics is about, placating to aristocratic bloodlines and massive mega-corporations who have more money than many countries and have zero legion to any country. But love their socialism as they are super happy to privatize gains and socialize losses at the expense of the taxpayer. These are side effects of continuing hard right or soft right policies which Nugent supports. Not to mention the continuing dissolving of labor and theocratic leanings on women’s reproductive birthright decisions. Much of this corporatization had been kicked into overdrive in the united states by 40+ years of Reaganomics, which made an already unstable mis-distribution of wealth even worse. So when Nugent looks at the decline of America and blames it on hippies and beatniks, while giving un-checked corporate power a complete pass, it speaks to the long way he still has to come in his wisdom.

So I agreed with the majority of what he said during the interview. Will I ever vote for the Republican party? Fuck no I’d rather drink my own diarrhea. Do I disrespect Ted Nugent? No, I do respect him and his opinions, and his passion and spirit. Which is something I would have never said just 10 short years ago. Would I respect him even more if he became an independent? Absolutely. I give him credit for what he is good at and what he still doesn’t fully know due to a lacking of experience. The fact that he’s never had a psychedelic experience says also says a lot, as he’s still in the sandbox of consciousness. Life is about evolution, change, and growth. In that order. The evolution is not a physical one, but a mental one. Via stair steps and level up’s of consciousness through expansion. Completely decoupling from old paradigm human operating systems, and seeing things in an all-new way. So his drug-free stance has also meant a truly medicine free stance. Since he’s never had a shamanic experience, realizing that wolf he’s about to shoot through the eyes is actually his spirit animal who can give him wisdom beyond his wildest imagination. So there still needs to be a great change in him from where he started. I have changed, how has he?

Channeled Information


Channeling is said to be the practice of professedly entering a meditative or trancelike state in order to convey messages from a spiritual guide. The vast majority of those who claim they are channeling, are not. This is evident by the fact that they always seem to be channeling some profound deity of importance who they egotistically claim to have an exclusive direct personal link to, rather than just a connection to another being of unknown or obscure profile. One of the tenants of problem, reaction, solution religion is those who say they are a spokesperson for some sort of higher power. This is a very slippery slope and leads to evangelical preachers who live in 14,000 square foot Georgian mansions saying “God tells me that he needs you to give me money to support the congregation” or fundamentalist Muslims who may stone a women for adultery because “Allah wills it” or a San Francisco new ager who claims “I’m feeling some Paladin energy tonight”. The main problem with channeling is that just like bankers and politicians, which are mostly actors; if someone who is also an actor has a spiritual leaning, they can get very far pretending they are really a true and accurate conduit from elsewhere. The major separation here between the vast majority of the rubbish and the small number of what is legit in this area lies that externalization of the claimed higher power.

In detail, the spiritual guide is not something outside of yourself, but a way of embracing and then connecting to your higher self. Your non-corporeal higher vibrational density self which is always able to be assessed should you do the extensive work on connecting to it. Which is an aspect of you at a higher level which can access states of awareness and information that is not usually and readily available in states of being asleep. It is an aspect of the divine which can provide gnosis which is outside of time and 3d material space. Because nothing really comes from here, it comes from elsewhere and is a projection from that higher place. So on the very rare occasion when information is channeled, its channeled from a divine source which has come through your own higher self, which is really you, because you have not only learned how to access it but also been deemed noble enough to be a receiver and communicator for that information.

As we get more developed, our discernment gets better. Meaning what we can tell is good information vs what is misleading or false information. As we build this skill, we can come to identify what is accurate higher dimensional wisdom from a source based on the information it presents. So in a sea of poorly presented channeled information, we can discern out actual REAL channeled information. Sources such as The Emerald Tablet of Thoth the Atlantean or Aleister Crowley’s the Book of the Law resonate more with us because they are sharing insights which are very advanced and empowering. So basically you know it when you hear it. 

Since creativity is a crucial aspect of living a fulfilling life, we should align our passions with things that give us energy rather than taking energy away. Woman and men who pursue what they love most became so familiar with the skills associated with their ultimate passions that they have developed such a mastery which allows them to completely let go and allow their true self to shine through. They, through the practicing of their chosen vocation, have discovered how to tap into themselves for the assistance in their creations. Whether its something is written for the page or an instrument or a screen, when you are "in the zone" creating something you feel a loss of time and a deep heart connection to the material with feelings of joy upon its completion.  Many famous people, actors, musicians, painters, etc often describe their talents as they are just letting “it” come through them, rather than creating it themselves.

In my personal attempts to always expand my creativity, I have been in these states when creating art as a filmmaker. However, I recently went a step further and attained a series of downloads after an experience. We can unpack how specifically one can channel in a later essay, but this experience this time for me came via entheogenic gnosis and was written down onto the page immediately after the experience. Just as we might have a dream journal by our bed to jot down what we get soon after it occurs before it leaves us as the ego gets re-established through waking up back to self. So, the following is a channeling I received, which like many of our personal download notes, has a range of information which may need to be de-encoded and unpacked for years to come. For areas which feel like gobbldy goop now, may make sense to us at a later point in our development. 

A transmission received on May 27, 2016, 10:26 PM:

There are two ways to play this card. One is of balance, and the other is not. So many times we are greeted by situations that don’t define us or summarize our characters and states of being. We stand alone in our thoughts wondering how and why certain things happen to us. Void of understanding and closer of the root foundations of why they come to be. There is a massive difference between knowing and being. Heart vs mind and the balance of those two key elements with our primal forces. Understanding the element of why it happens in the first place cannot connect us to the real reasons for deeper knowledge and understanding as to why we begin our journeys. How they come to be realized, and when are why they solidify.

So many human beings underplay there day to day reality tunnels of work eat sleep repeat. On a deeper metaphysical level, one must always ask where are my kinsmen and what to they bring me in terms of ideas and understandings. Tomorrow a new day is brought, and we should know more then the day before if we break from these old patterns and glide into the knowledge stream of understanding and trust. For those who walk the path are rewarded many times over from what it instinctually looks like may be the case at first glance. Base principals are always if not seen from time to time from different sources and those who stay true to themselves never delay to meet the forces of understanding and righteousness when we learn to see reality as it is and not think of it as some day to day mundane existence but instead more magical and saturated and deep and vast with endless possibilities. From time to time those who don’t seem to embody truth and perception for themselves decline to the sources of artificiality. Those that undergo this process may feel isolations, alone, temp rent, and even hostile to the forces that artificially chain them down under the water's surface but for the select few who know what is to really be discovered and gained there are infinite rewards of grace and glory in which understanding compassion and seeing allow for deeper insight into the nature of reality.

We cannot find each other through a fog of hope for what continues the status quo and an undermining of what is a natural process of change and development no matter how scary they may seem, or how far they may feel in understanding or division. Once we have taken the arrow to the soul then we can transcend almost any deeper ritual which undertakes our own guides or rather a loving embrace of our friends and fellows also on our same vibratory wavelength. Although this has its ups and downs so many have yet to know so little rise to the surface of what is not really but underestimated in subtle forms of persuasion and depth of understanding for what we are and where we are going. Today is the day to seize that power and harness greatness within you. For tomorrow brings uncertainty which should never be planned. For over the foundations of understanding what it is to be human and where that guides you on an infinite path of care and compassion not only for your fellow creatures and ecosystems but also your fellow beings at other levels of depth and focus. We are not the few who stay behind for other days. We come thought some finders that may not realize the depth of gnosis and compassion that all are capable of achieving. Only when the vibration of every living soul comes into focus can Source continue to guide not only itself but others who are alone a sacred path of understanding and truth built feel underwhelmed with the tribal uncertainties of false society and non-commitment within the body of greater truth. For we will strive to always understand who, why, where, when, and how these things come about not only because it helps those without knowing gnosis or use but then those that cannot feel into the ways things sometimes drift into closes for then we can find a true path for each individual on an individual basis today or tomorrow.

Tonight I write these words not through the vessel of a man but more through a  channel od deeper understanding of the past, the future, the present. In one way or another will we be blessed to dive deeper into the great beyond for those who feel into something always feel what is really there and rarely take time out of themselves to break the bonds of unreality.

Now one may say that tomorrow is a brighter day than today, no matter how you glee or experience its righteousness of the time. Separate the acorn from the oak tree and any discovery to comprehend is not too great for the greatness of those whose time for love, compassion, understanding, and trust are in all that they do for themselves.  For now is the time to seize the day. Love is upon everyone at all times and not only do their days run long and follow what seems like endless turns to nowhere without cause or formulation with the contrast of misunderstanding, mistrust, empire. judgment, or chalice. Then how will we find our true capabilities here nor there within space and time under the circumstances today. For tomorrow always brings that brighter day.

Transmutation Released on the new moon

As Wednesday, June 13th begins in this realm of Earth, so does a New Moon. It’s time to listen to our inner selves and others as well as a time to begin a new cycle. We have chosen this vector to roll out Transmutation publically available on the official website:


Thank you to everyone who has already watch the film and shared your insights with Philosopher and Esotericist Neil Kramer and I directly.

We feel it's not quite like anything else that's ever been made and will be long relevant into the future. As 100% independent creators, we are rolling it out in the shadows of obscurity with little to no marketing support. So, if you've found the film beneficial after viewing, please help it to be seen by always telling others who you think may have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Looking Out

This piece was shot in Puerto Vallarta Mexico at of all places, Elizabeth Taylor's former vacation house which is now a hotel and restaurant called "The Iguana Restaurant & Tequila Bar".

Doing a podcast or essay ultimately takes at least a whole day to complete. Writing and narrating the essays on camera can take even longer. There by, it's great to get these self-contained ultra-short form narration's out there as well which can be turned around in just a few hours. On some days you just want to create something quickly so these pieces have become an outlet for that. 

There's a CG artist named Mike Winkelmann (Beeple) who has been outputting a piece of art every day for thousands of days. Which is both good if you're single and live in your mom's basement with no other responsibilities but bad if you want to have various life experiences involving travel. As we all need breaks from every what we love doing now and then. Especially due to responsibilities with others live friends, spouse, children. But who know, perhaps creating a peice every day is part of his personal internal development which should be put above all else. 

When you look out at the world, what do you see?
Do you see scarcity or abundance?
Shadow or light.
We live in a realm of polarity in which have both and we must experience both.
Night and day.
Look into the dark and light of yourself and you will know your world.

A Method For Creating Reality

A friend and client of mine is a young sprout named Maxwell Atkin. He's scarily advanced in his development for being so young (probobaly because he was home schooled) and every time we interact it's as though I'm talking to my younger and wiser self. He's a writer and I highly recommend checking out his Medium Blog. We can occasionally be found sharing ideas both via voice and on the page and this essay marks the first of numerous future articles he pens that I will include amongst my own writing in the spoken word reality tunnel essays.

Narrated Essay #30 - A Method For Creating Reality By Maxwell Atkin & Niles Heckman.

Original Medium post by Max here.

A while back, a man named Neville Goddard gained a considerable amount of prominence in the Metaphysical field. His work was not as widely popular as Napoleon Hill, for example, but it was popular enough, and whatever venue he spoke at, people came.

Neville Goddard did not charge for these lectures or “seminars”, as they might be called today. If, to speak at a particular event, travel was required, he’d request that the funds needed to travel be sent over. But, he didn’t charge for the information itself. In fact, he said, in language that is slightly more visceral, that those who would charge hefty sums of money for such knowledge are, in fact, fraudsters, and that if he were to ever do so, that those in the audience should stop trusting him.


You may, or may not, agree with this sentiment, but it informed his work, and Neville was not a man known for keeping secrets — these beautiful and powerful reality-altering traditions and rituals — away from those who wished to learn.

During the time he taught — the mid-thirties to nineteen-seventy-two, the year of his passing — he spoke of Imagination as God, and he insisted that The Bible was merely a story designed to share this information with the common-folk of the day, while covering these ideas in metaphors that spoke directly to the Heart.

This was certainly not a popular or widely-accepted idea, but his points were considered and his ideas were, by many accounts, revolutionary to those who chose to acknowledge and accept them.

According to Neville Goddard, we are God. You are God. I am God. We are all God. And Imagination is the most beautiful and potent expression of our Godhood. Through Imagination, all things are possible. But, we must dissolve the boundaries between that which we hold to be “imaginary” — a word that often refers to things that are separate from that which we consider to be “real” — and that which we hold to be “real”, for the two are one-in-the-same, and if we dissolve those boundaries, we can create and become ANYTHING that we so desire.

One can venture deeper and deeper into this infinite rabbit-hole, and find ideas regarding the nature of stories and fiction itself, and how they are merely expressions of something that is happening in this moment. To Neville, all stories are true, and all stories are coming true, in this moment. Just as you can find ideas regarding this idea of “Acting As If” and changing the role that you play in this Cosmic Drama of ours. Venture deeper and deeper, and you begin to understand that Neville believed that we are ALWAYS creating our reality, and that we are the creator of all that is around us and all that is entering our lives.

This is a deep and controversial idea. And while we may have our doubts and our fears regarding this idea, we may find that there is a significant amount of truth to it. For we do create reality, and we can choose to accept someone else’s reality, and the beliefs and actions and ideas that such a reality entails, or we can create our own. And from that, we will, inevitably, change the very role that we play, for all such definitions are illusory and subject to the infinite motion and impermanence of Imagination.

Imagination is a tool that can conjure anything. Images. Smells. Tastes. Sounds. Sights. Anything at all. But without the feelings that come from such a thing, reality remains somewhat unchanged. You see, Neville Goddard knew that you can imagine that which you desire as much as you’d like — and there is tremendous value in doing just that, make no mistake — but without the feelings that come from the fulfillment of your desire, then there is nothing, for feelings are a language in of themselves, and if you know how to speak the language of God, if you know how to speak directly to that infinite faculty within yourself, then there is nothing that can, or will, stop you.

Furthermore, Neville made a point of saying and emphasizing the fact that imagining the receiving of your desire, is not the same as imagining the fulfillment of the desire. You see, when you imagine the specific act of receiving or obtaining that which you desire, you end up creating a number of blocks that severely limit that which can be created. This isn’t a bad thing, and it does work, but Neville made a point of emphasizing the fact that for the most success, the best success, you want to focus on the “End Result”.

The “End Result” can be many things. For Neville, it was an action that implied, in no uncertain terms, the complete fulfillment of the

desire that he had in mind. It could be an imaginal scene in which you are being congratulated by someone due to the fulfillment of your desire. This desire could be, for example, purchasing a house or going on a trip somewhere or losing weight or, if you want to get really big, inventing a new type of car. This scene is indicative of the End Result, and it implies the fulfillment of your desire. Then, according to Neville, you must repeat it and allow those seeds to be planted.

From this, you will be lead to the final step of the process. That of “Letting Go” and “Surrendering”. I’m speaking from my own experience when I say that this is the hardest thing to do, especially since you have, most likely, fallen in love with your End Result and what you know is coming, and you are excited and ready, but also a little nervous. It isn’t easy to do this, but you may find it to be necessary. Perhaps, the most necessary step of all.

In this little essay of ours, you are going to read a story that further affirm and give credence to the ideas that Neville spoke of, and you will attain a greater understanding of the cosmology and the metaphysics at play here. Finally, at the end of this essay, you will have the exact process that I have used, and that Neville spoke of, along with a few suggestions, in each step, for how to best execute each step in the process.

Does it actually work? This question is very much an “It depends”, because it may work for you, just as it has worked in these examples and many others, or it may not work for you. And whether or not it works for you depends on your willingness to accept and “try” this way of being and acting, but it also depends on how natural this way of being feels to you. There is no “one size fits all”. For some people, this method won’t work at all, it just isn’t right for them. And that’s totally okay! There are many methodologies and practices that may not do much for you, so don’t use them and, instead, use the ones that feel natural, the ones that do provide the results.

However, we will say this. If you choose to use it, to accept this way of being/thinking, for one-week, you will find that things are happening, and what happens may surprise you.

To illustrate an answer to this question, let's share two stories.

For a number of years, ever since a friend of mine was about sixteen, he wanted to go to Cambodia. To Siem Reap, Cambodia, where you can find Angkor Wat and Banteay Srei and Preah Khan and all of these beautiful and sacred temples, along with the city itself, which is truly beautiful and enchanting. Ever since he was a little boy, he'd dreamt of the city, even before he knew its name.

So, as you can imagine, he wanted to go there. More specifically, he wanted to move there, right after his last year of High School. There was a plan involved, and he knew the day that he wanted to move — September 7th — so he had that date in mind, and at the time, he was reading a lot of Neville Goddard and he realized that he should use his methods for obtaining money to purchase a plane ticket.

However, he realized that the money wasn’t actually what he wanted. He just wanted a plane ticket, so he changed the intention to that of obtaining a plane ticket to Siem Reap, Cambodia, for the date of September 7th.

Using a few ideas that he had gleaned from a couple of books that he had read, he made a list of about four things that he didn’t want to come from the intention, and eleven things that he did want to come from that intention. This allowed him to gain clarity and a better and more precise image of his “End Result”. Then, he set a “Due Date”. Ten days from that, he would have the plane ticket.

Of course, he needed a plan of some sort. Or, he thought he did. So, he told himself that every night, at nine o’clock, he would spend eleven-minutes envisioning, imagining, and feeling the sensations of having that ticket right in front of him.

These sessions were jumbled and somewhat confusing. He visualized the ticket, being on the plane, being in Siem Reap, and a bunch of other things that were connected to it, but he didn’t really understand the extent of the connection, and he ended up just letting the images and sensations flow over him. However, eventually, he ended up honing in on a specific imaginal scene that was, again, rather disoriented, but it was of him telling his parents that he had purchased this ticket and that he was so excited. In the scene, he said to them “Guys, he just purchased the ticket!” To affirm the intended date, he had his vision, in the scene, go to the calendar, which affirmed the due date that he had set.

Then, for nine-days, he repeated that scene, and felt it, while also allowing his imagination to wander throughout the scene, and the feelings. It became effortless.

During the last four-days, he stopped caring. It was a mixture of knowing that he already had the ticket — even though he, technically, didn’t — and not really having an expectation or specific desire. Don’t get me wrong, he did, but it wasn’t really a big deal anymore. He simply surrendered and let go.

And then, on that final day, he added up the money that he had earned from his freelance writing, along with receiving a really quick one-hundred dollar job and the processing of some older payments from clients of his, and he had six-hundred and twenty-seven dollars. The ticket was five-hundred and sixty-three. So, he bought the ticket, and then the imaginal scene played itself out, just as he had felt it, days earlier.

Initially, he was fearful. But soon enough, he stopped caring and let go, not really caring or minding what the outcome was, for deep within him, he knew that it was going to be okay, and that he was on the right path.

This happened very recently, for he graduated High School in the middle of the school year — early graduation — and he just recently purchased the ticket. He was very excited about this trip, and while a bit nervous and a bit scared, he was overwhelmingly excited more than anything else!

Before we end this essay, I’m going to share with you the method that was used. This method works, it works every time, and is recommend that you follow it, use it, and trust in it.

How Do I Do This?

Before we begin, it may be wise to go for a smaller intention, before you go for the “Big One”. Something that you aren’t particularly attached to, and are, more or less, indifferent to. You can, of course, do this alongside a bigger intention, but for your first time, I recommend going for something small.

Step One: What Do You Want?

Well, what do you want? It can be anything. Anything at all! So, don’t dumb it down. Of course, since this may just be your first time, it might be wise to dumb it down a little, but after that first time, expanding your vision is necessary.

Clarify what you want. Let’s say, for your first intention, you want fifty-dollars. Are these fifty U.S. Dollars? Write that down. Do you want them in cash? Write that down? Finally, the most important part of all, what do you intend to use this money for? Is there a goal that you have in mind? Or, are you simply trying to see if this process works? Again, write all of this down.

In the example, he wanted a plane ticket to Siem Reap, Cambodia. So, he wrote that down, and the purpose of that ticket was so that he could move to Siem Reap.

Step Two: What Is Your “End Result”?

Let’s say that you want fifty-dollars, because you want to buy fifty-dollars worth of lotto tickets. That is the End Result of having that money, and if this is the case, then your real intention is for the lotto tickets, and not, in fact, the money, for the money is simply another obstacle that is blocking your path towards that intention of yours.

To dissolve this, focus on the End Result, which is having those lotto tickets in your hand, and feeling the feelings that come with having purchased them.

This is where things can get a little tricky, however, because there are often multiple intentions at work, and it can be a little confusing as to how we get there. So, if you want the lotto tickets because you want to win money, then you’ve created so many obstacles. Ask yourself “Why do I want the money?”, and then go for those things, instead. Of course, if you just want money to prove that this works, then money is a reasonable intention. But if it’s just to pay off bills, go straight to the paying off of the bills, rather than the part where you obtain money, for if you’ve paid off the bills, then it’s implied that you’ve received money of some sort.

If there are multiple “End Results”, then you need to create something that encapsulates all of them into the single intention.

When he set his intention for obtaining a plane ticket to Siem Reap, Cambodia, his End Result was that of having the ticket in his hand, and feeling the certainty of knowing that he was going and that it is certain. If he intended to move a lot sooner, he could’ve simply envisioned himself on the plane or touching down, but since he was merely concerned with the ticket and simply having it, he envisioned that and the feelings that came from the certainty, rather than the full “End Result”. Perhaps it would’ve been better to go ahead in time, and then simply to see himself at the airport, looking at the ticket and seeing the “Purchase Date”. Nonetheless, they both work.

Step Three: What Is Your Scene?

This can be a little tricky, at first, and it’s recommend giving yourself two-days — out of five, for the experiment — to simply allow images and scenes to flood your mind. You can hold onto the ones you like, and discard the ones you don’t like. Simply surrender and allow them to come to you, and they will. From that, you will find a scene that implies the fulfillment of your desire.

For him, it was seeing the ticket on my computer screen, after having purchased it online, and then telling his Mother and Father that he had done so. And for my friend, it was texting me about his new girlfriend. This scene will be repeated throughout the days, and you will gradually give it more and more sensory detail and significance, as you continue to play it over and over again.

As for making the scene itself, I recommend just surrendering. Surrender, and let the sensations come to you. Don’t force anything. It will come to you, and you will know that it is a good scene, and you will, naturally, play it and repeat it and add detail to it.

Step Four: Play The Scene — Feel The Feelings

Take a deep breath. In for four, out for four. Do this seven-times, and you will feel lighter, calmer, relaxed, and content.

Close your eyes, and begin to let the sensations flood your mind. Keep your intention in focus, and then slowly build the scene. If you aren’t yet aware of the scene, continue to let sensations flood your mind, and allow the pieces to come together. Do not force it. Do not push and prod. Simply, let go.

When you find a scene that is truly magnificent and necessary for your purposes, play it over again. Edit it. Trim it down. Capture the implied fulfillment of your intention in a single phrase. And then repeat it. Play it over and over again. And as you play it over again, take the time to add sensory details to the scene.

Continue to play it until four-days have passed. Or longer, if you feel it is necessary, but four-days is just right.

When I did this, I spent eleven-minutes, each day, playing the scene over, with breaks for just visualizing and playing around with the scene and what I was creating. My friend, on the other hand, played it throughout the day, for a total of eleven-minutes. You don’t need to play it for eleven-minutes, but it’s the sweet spot for him, and it may be for you, too!

Step Five: Let Go And Surrender

Make sure to do this after each session, but on the fourth-day, it is time for you to let go and surrender. On that final day, it will be easy, for you have already done what is necessary, and you will know that there is no need to fear, to struggle, to strain, for all is well. All is well.

If you have any trouble with this, I have three recommendations for you.

The first one is to distract yourself right after you finish your session. Work on a project. Talk to a friend. Watch a movie. Draw something. Make something. Anything that you can think of. Ideally, you’re doing something that you enjoy doing, and are passionate about, which makes it easier for you to forget about the session and what you’ve created.

The second seconds on need. This coming up.

one is to do some breathing. Breath in and out, four the inhale and exhale, and do this as many times as you clears all of the tension and raw energy that may be

Finally, the third recommendation is that of saying aloud “Thank You. From This Moment On, I Let Go And Surrender. This, Or Something Better.”

This prayer means that you accept that which you intend to create, and are creating, or something even better.

Yellow Brick Road


Occulture episode 84 posted. We talk about spiritual maturation, selfhood, and the Wizard of Oz.

Support Ryan Peverly and his super sauce podcast Occulture via donation or his Patreon to help him reform his self. Episode comments:

"I will not lie to you, good people. The conversation you’re about to hear is one of the most enlightening and one of the most personal that you’ll ever hear on this show.

And I have to thank our guest Niles Heckman for that. He brought a really cool idea to me for the chat, and I had no idea what to expect before we hit the record button, but what transpired, I think, is pretty inspiring. Niles is a multimedia savant. He’s a writer, photographer, podcaster and the man behind the films Shamans of the Global Village and the forthcoming Transmutation. He’s also a frequent guest on my friend Ed Liu’s Psychedelic Milk podcast.

And what we did here was, we talk a lot about our own growth and maturation, how it applies to our creations and our art, and then looked at how a man named Lyman Frank Baum followed a similar path to create maybe the most recognizable fairy tale in the history of art, The Wizard of Oz. Some of you may have heard of that.

The Wizard of Oz part of this, though, is actually the second hour of the chat, and if you’re not supporting the show on Patreon, you’re only getting the first half of this. So, if you want to hear this in its entirety, head over to to support the show for as little as $2 a month. That’ll get you access to extensions like this one as I continue to enhance and expand my Patreon content. And this is the first time I’ve really tried the whole first hour free, second hour for patrons thing. It’s worth it too, because what we talk about in the first hour is really a blueprint for Baum’s creation of The Wizard of Oz and all the esoteric and occult symbolism found within it. And there’s quite a bit of it, actually."


Actually, I've re-joined Patreon. As I was a member a while back and then decided that because getting any social network style numbers is not my strong suit, I bailed and shouldn't even bother. But, one has to figure, any form of passive income, no matter how minor, is never a bad thing. Especially since the decentralized future is all about 1000 true fans each giving a micro-donation. Heck, it could be literally 1000+ people giving you $1/month.

This round two Patreon page is catered to my essays and narrations since they are more of a secondary seat to my filmmaking, with the podcast always being tertiary of course. Nearly all of the things I create are mostly 100% independent made + take a significant amount of time and effort as well as go with staggeringly little compensation over what they should be making. Especially as one forges the path into high consciousness content over just being a corporate brand shill. 

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Cherrio. Squeezes. Much love. Long may you shine.

Sports Fansmanship

WARNING: Contentious message ahead. As Mark Twain once said, "If you find yourself agreeing with the majority, take time to pause and reflect."

When growing up, adolescent sports are great for young rugrats to get exercise. It’s a light recreational group activity which teaches kids to work in teams to cooperate as well as instill drive and passion about goal accomplishment through physical activity. Individual physical accomplishments like running, cycling, skiing, or weightlifting are good because they create a dynamic where you are engaging in exercise with the only one you really need to compete with being yourself. It’s fun if it stays minor and lite, but things go weird when that dad on the side of the field at the little league game is really seriously emotionally involved in the game’s outcome. We here at the student of life essays have spoken on being process oriented over being goal oriented. Process orientation is expansive and leads to personal growth. Goal orientation is contractive and fueled by competitiveness. We’ve also discussed the child asleep robot factor of many who are essentially little kids in adult bodies. This overly invested little league dad is the prime amalgam of these two concepts and his personality type can be fractaled out into many other sheeple currently in manifestation worldwide. In no area is this more apparent than that of sports fans.

When sports go from being a few kids on the field to someone getting their own personal exercise for health reasons into collegiate, professional, or Olympic leagues with giant stadiums, annual statistics, audience in-fighting, doped up athletes, celebrity worship, corporate sponsorship, and exorbitant salaries than we have a big problem because they are too big. Not coincidentally it’s the same problems caused by big religion, big government, big science, and big corporations, which are ultimately all about the dollar signs and restrict human consciousness. Money is the partial root of all evil in its current centralized structuring, the pure profit motive is the core problem of professional “big everything”. Evident by the fact that the National Football League, which up until recently was a tax-exempt organization, making billions of dollars a year, has proven to care more about covering up the long-term effect of traumatic brain injuries of its players than their true long-term health and well being because the dollar signs are king.


American sports logos are red, white, and blue to try and subconsciously imply being a fan of your local city's team is patriotic. When in reality they are really there to stagnate human potential. If a sport player’s life growing up is so void of spirit that they are constantly fighting the boredom of small town USA or inner city urban unfortunateness that their only options other than working at the local minimum wage job are to try and excel into professional sports or join the military, then it’s time to upgrade the societies’ operating system to a new version.

Sports scholarships have a silver lining of a potential subsidized or even freeride schooling, which is good because all schooling should be free anyway. However, the college player’s life on the field is held to the highest importance regardless of their academic performance or behavior off the field. Ergo, the university that covers up the sexual abuse of female students at the had of a star athlete who brings in the big dollars for the university. The endless profit motive which ramps up at the university level and then skyrockets at a professional level conceals the innocence of the joy of the game by instilling an endless profit goal orientation motive. This is no more evident when watching a team which has lost a big game look like the sky has fallen. Even with all that back hard work by the players which is to be honored and respected, ultimately the championship trophy or ring they would attain means nothing to their soul growth. Professional teams themselves also do not bring economic prosperity or massive revenue to their cities. They instead enrich a few ultra-rich team owners in the current low bandwidth, heavily corporate chronic centralized capitalistic system which grossly mis-distributes wealth upwards.

The profit motive is not the real tragedy with grossly overinflated sports. The real tragedy is their ability to waist fans as individuals, groups, cities, and even the majority of entire countries’ time. Big money sports are there to waste your clock when consumed. They are consumption without creation events, soap operas without end, which ultimately do nothing, are void of substance, and have little to no ultimate importance to the society, to then only be recycled the next season. Professional sports are a very useful tool for the power pyramid of control because it knows an ignorant dumbed down populace loves the distractions being put in front of them. It takes exorbitant amounts of time to follow a team, and all its players, and even deeper their statistics. Romans called this “bread and circuses”. They have always been used as a tool to distract and mindlessly entertain. Since the days of the gladiators battling in the Coliseum of Rome, to modern day small town USA, the profane have always revolved around the sporting ring and it’s modern day oily tentacle arms of dive bars which broadcast sporting events.

Larger still are those at home who pop a beer and happily waist two to four Sunday hours watching the game in a larval like state. Watching TV is essentially the same as sitting sedentary staring at shapes and sounds given to you by the joker spirals of miss information while gazing at the wall. Then the remote viewer may also burn another hour or two watching a post-game show. Never in history have some many men talked about so little as a sporting post game show. Since I was a little kid and first heard about and saw friends and their parents doing a fantasy baseball team all I could think about is what a staggering waste of time it was and how boring it would be to be that invested in something with so little ultimate meaning and personal return.

During the days of the Wild West, American saloons have always been sad places of sorrow and personal destruction. Since the dawn of the don’t think tube, otherwise known as the television, one will usually always find a bar with a telly existing with a game on inside if not even an array of multiple televisions. European pubs have a more sophisticated and welcoming interior with a more family-friendly orientation over the seediness of an American dive bar, yet ultimately only result in the same dynamic of a business full of passion filled males watching European football matches while drinking copious amounts of mentally mind contracting sanctioned liquid drugs to make their guts grow.


Sports arenas are grossly low resonate places which waist yet even more time and energy. People can easily burn an entire day, commuting going to a game, tailgating in the parking lot, sitting at the game eating fecal filled processed Franken fried food such as hot dogs or rice based American beer. Then sitting in massive gridlock traffic upon conclusion of the event. Most sports tickets are three figure costs, so not only have you waisted three hours by watching at home, you’ve wasted nearly an entire day due to the planning, and travel. My parents once got free tickets to an NFL game and all my mom had to say about it was “it was such a long day and we don’t think we’ll do it again.”

Season ticket holding is the lowest common denominator. Someone who goes to every game, devoting time and time week after week, month after month. If you know a season ticket holder, it’s likely that person's whole life will only consist of their slave job and their sports team they are a fanatic follower of. The rest of their undeveloped cup will likely be shallow and empty.


Aleister Crowley wrote in the introduction to his seminal book The Book of the Law, “Consider the popularity of the cinema, the wireless, the football pools and guessing competitions, all devices for soothing fractious infants, no seed of purpose in them. Consider sport, the babyish enthusiasms, and rage which it excites, whole nations disturbed by disputes between boys.” Sports trap us in a juvenile and male-dominated nature of those days growing up on the field and collecting baseball cards. Through my young childhood, I continued to play sports for years beyond when I really wanted to because that’s what the other kids were doing. When I actually wanted to be reading comics, drawing, or doing something else that resulted in creating over just consuming. As I moved into my teens, I matured beyond sports and especially sports fansmanship consumption because of strong desires to continue passions and creating a body of artistic works. Which, sadly, many boys in grown men meat suits never do.

Imagine an entire sport stadium of fans spending that time in other healthy ways of comradery getting grassroots organized to help improve their local community, or getting locally politically active, building housing together like the Amish do, group exercising like large marathons, restructuring society via an event like a festival gathering, being in shamanic ceremony, or even engaging in a group meditation. Higher ladder efforts instead of just the base chakra cheering with primal lust at multi-millionaires running back and forth around on a field or ice rink.

I Know a dad who spent years of his son’s growing up being so into coaching, team organization, following college and pro seasons, only in his later life upon being asked “Hey Bob, are you still doing all that sports stuff?” with him maturely saying “no, I’ve got better things to do with my time now.”

So he grew up a bit later in life. Our society always can as well.

May the Bees Prevail

This piece came about because of a swarm of bees. They crossed my path one day out for a walk with the dogs which then connected me up with local beekeeper Bruce Brugler.

My time with Bruce extended into the directing of this narrative piece as well as a deeper interest in me personally in learning more about bees.

I knew a great resource for this would be to consult my friend Shonagh Home in researching the writing for the piece. Shonagh has been on my podcast multiple times, is a shamanic therapist, teacher, author, and poet and we have appeared on other podcasts together. I reached out to her because she has also been a beekeeper for numerous years as well and had recently completed a book on bees entitled Honeybee Wisdom.

Honeybee Wisdom: A Modern Melissa Speaks is a spiraling feminine discourse that begins with the author’s treatise on her love for nature and its invisible forces. It then looks backward to the inspiration of the bees on the ancients, particularly the Mediterranean priestesshoods. This is contrasted with a candid look at the contributing factors that are causing the steep decline in honeybees, followed with a message of hope in the form of Biodynamic farming and gardening, along with Rudolf Steiner’s insightful esoteric understanding of the inner workings of the bees. The reader is then treated to an expansive exploration of the wondrous medicines found within the beehive, and instruction is provided for creating infusions, elixirs, oxymels, and other timeworn medicinals. The ancient medicine of bee venom is also featured along with the wisdom of physicians through history who understood and respected its efficacy as a potent healer of arthritis and other ills. The book completes with advice on the creation of a bee garden as sanctuary for both the pollinators and the good souls who love them.

The book is very worth your time, as it is full of great information on bees and their history. Including the current dire threats to bees due to unconscious corprotization's communication technologies and pesticides. I was expecting to pull details out of it for my own writing to than narrate but Shonagh's poem at the beginning of the book spoke perfectly to the piece. This is it in its entirety of which the last section is narrated:


Thy majesty, our dear queen bee
Thy fate seems sealed if man can’t see The commercialization of nature’s garden Has caused the hearts of man to harden The hubris of man as he splices genes The spraying of poisons on elds of green The skies crisscrossed with chemical spray I fear that there will come a day

When the blossom of fruit tree and scented ower Lies sterile without the bee’s sweet power
To suckle the nectar with loving care
In a sensual dance that brings to bear
All manner of bounty, a radiant feast
That feeds and delights both man and beast

Thy majesty and maintainer of beauty
I pledge to thee, my solemn duty
To care for the land with a sensitive touch Guided by nature that teaches me such That celestial and telluric forces Respond to certain speci c courses
Of actions that don’t follow popular science But follow a higher cosmic alliance

Oh dear bees, I shall not rest
As long as my heart beats beneath my breast I’ll write, I’ll speak, I’ll share the magic Of remedies to prevent the tragic
Loss of you and so many creatures Whose presence in my garden features Largely as I hear the song
Of bee and bird, oh how I long

To see the hearts of mankind awaken
And return to nature what has been taken
By working with earth instead of against her We call back the beauty and cast out the gangster

Whose plunder has caused such harm and disgrace To the character of the human race

This is our time to save not just the bee But all creatures and humanity
Our moment is now, the time is here Take action all and do not fear
For the spirit of man and woman is true And the Goddess is calling me and you To summon our authority
And gather our community
To begin to act with sanity
As we recreate with dignity
A planet of people who act with grace And restore consciousness to the human race I hold this vision as what can be When people remember their sovereignty

Oh blessed pollinators, dear
Your warnings we hear loud and clear
I know that we have the power to heal And hold to ourselves a new ideal
This is my vision quest in life
May the bees prevail as we end this strife . . .

~Shonagh Home

Accolades & Competition

The accolade was the central act in the rite of passage ceremonies conferring knighthood in the Middle Ages. From the mid-1800’s, the term accolade was then used much more generally to mean “praise” or “award” or “honor.” Awards are ultra-subjective, hierarchical, competitive, and egotistical, which are all things to avoid.


As a filmmaker, every time I look at another director’s website, I will usually always find a list of awards. All of which are secretly saying “look how great I am” because others have told me so and look how much better and popular I am than you because a sanctioned inner club has said so.

As young sprouts, we are taught to play organized sports, which are good for tribe building and exercise but bad for a “your team our team” mindset and the sense of “healthy competition” (which is really unhealthy competition) which they indoctrinate young minds into. The ladder climbing mindset of “I must have a gold medal and anything less is a failure” is considered greatness in an immature society which is grossly hierarchical, hence the youth trophy is something thought to strive for and excellence is claimed to be collecting gold stars in the classroom or on an Olympic podium. This system sucks ass because there can only ever be one winner while everyone else feels partially unfulfilled since ultimately one person wins while all the others lose. It also highlights it’s immaturity through being goal oriented, wanting a prise, like the little kid at the arcade pumping quarters into the claw machine to attain a cheap made in China stuffed animal. Compared to being maturely process oriented and simply enjoying the act itself without needing a sparkly price or piece of material gain. If you can find a little kid who cares about the act itself more than the reward, then good for them and they are on the future path to becoming a little zen buddha.

There is a massive difference between competition, which inspires fear and scarcity, and creativity for all, which inspires abundance. Here’s a quote from a man who knew a thing or two about this, Wallace D Wattles, regarding the mindset of competition vs the mindset of creativity.

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.

Man can form things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless substance can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

In order to do this, man must pass from the competitive to the creative mind; otherwise, he cannot be in harmony with the Formless Intelligence, which is always creative and never competitive in spirit.”

So the universe will only let you get so far in your development until you mature beyond competition. The biblical phrase “let thy will be done” not “let my will be done” highlights this through the mindset of help yourself first so only then you can help others.

 A cheesy picture of Niles with 16+ gold statues from other folks he’s been associated with.

A cheesy picture of Niles with 16+ gold statues from other folks he’s been associated with.

Since most folks can’t think for themselves and need others to tell them what is quality, entertainment industries for example, really seem to care about competitive awards. What’s that say about the industries? As someone who has actually won an award or two I recognize within the structures of an entertainment profession that they help your “career” and are important for allowing your material to be seen, and more secretly to egotistically be able to raise your rate, which equates to your time being more valuable — fair enough. However, the awards I have won have in no way been for my best projects.

A common theme in entertainment industries is striving for laurels. These are bestowed by a tiny few, such those who run a film festival, which have subjectively decided they are the critics to allow what they deem worthy through because they have self-created a business card with their name and on the line below it says “gatekeeper”. But are these gatekeepers life-long established professionals in their field who have created excellent bodies of work themselves in the field they are gatekeeping, or are they self-appointed critics who have given themselves the keys into the kingdom and you must bow to them in order to be let in.

Trying to give a stamp of approval or claim any piece of art better than any other is like trying to go into the Louvre museum in Paris and choose your favorite renaissance painting. That doesn’t work in that environment due to museums generally having a higher sense of sophistication than to allow a rotten tomatoes style labeling of such high-antiquity works. We all know the Oscars are not what is really the best renaissance paint on film emulsion created that year but instead what is in the category of “Oscar-worthy”. Which really just means “work established amongst the ranks”.

Bow to no one. Don’t have champaign red carpet dreams. Nice feedback is great and if you do receive a Pulitzer or a Nobel prize it doesn’t mean you are better than if you never receive any. Attention and respect from your peers or those who like your work are never to be under-appreciated, as all timeless works do want to be seen and no artist wants their work to only be recognized posthumously after they have exited their meat body. But the only person you should be in competition with is yourself. Intrinsically, you’re constantly winning a deluge of private awards within yourself if you’re creating a body of work which continues to inspire you as well as others. And that list is long.

A First Sunrise

Was dragged out of bed at 5 a.m. against my will to direct this piece in Kauai Hawaii in early 2018. It turned out to be very worth the effort. 

The later words I penned to it are as follows:

The sun.

Not a ball of gas in the sky but a dimensional converter.

Ancient cultures recognized the sun as both an entry point as well as an exit point for all who make it to the realm of Earth.

For a new soul, a recent arrival. Who transited her through the solar gateway, there is a first time for everything.

Witnessing their first sunrise, after their first sunset.

Seeing that supernal light shine back at them.

An infinite source with an infinite being.

Long may she shine.


Joined Ed Liu on episode 100 of the Psychedelic Milk podcast to discuss the human potential and truthful living!

As a weekly podcast show host, Ed has had plenty of guests who are rubbish. So much to the point where he does not air certain conversations, he's recorded for future episodes or else only posts them only to his Patrons as "Rotten Milk" episodes. So it's an honor to have been on the show the number of times I have, to have great conversations which make the cut. 

Show Notes:

Who is Niles Heckman
Who am I?
What we're not
What we are
Why is it hard to know who we are
Introverted bias
Conscious vs subconscious
Living in a dream
Living the truth
Completing life's challenges
The Secret
New Thought

Continued in our PLUS+ Extension:

Thoughts influencing your actions
Discernment of information
Money and spirituality
Master key system
Changing the inner state to change the outer state
Messages of the subconscious
Integration of the shadow
Potential of human beings
Potential of the future

Evolve + Ascend Transmutation Write Up

Lovely write-up over at Evolve + Ascend on Transmutation. Many thanks to Jennifer Sodini and Jessica Golich for taking the time out to do an actual real piece of film journalism on what's coming down. Film to be released VERY SOON at!

The Alchemy of Human Experience: TRANSMUTATION

Deep in the midst of actively or headlessly living out our singular human lives, it is often subconsciously dismissed that we are living on Planet Earth which inhibits over seven billion idiosyncratic human beings who are experiencing life in their own meaningful and individual way. Portraying a variety of worldly-wise perspectives and a wide range of emotions such as intimacy, grief, pain, suffering, happiness, mindfulness, enlightenment and depth, the manner in which Director, Niles Heckman, and Writer, Neil Kramer, examine human life throughout their documentary, Transmutation, from both a cinematographical and philosophical lens serves as  a mesmerizing and emotionally-charged source of inspiration for viewers of all walks of life. Blending the seemingly irrelevant with the divine within sweeping landscapes, prophets of perseverance and thought-leaders experiencing oracles of optimism envelop viewers with unshakable mesmerism that subconsciously draws the individual deeper into their center. Rooted from the cultivation of the willingness to seek beyond societal walls to reveal diverse ways of believing and being, Transmutation is a potent source for psychological healing.

It’s during those quiet and intimate moments surrounded by open natural spaces while within pauses of time when it’s easier to connect to our spiritual core and transport into a state of alignment that carries mystical attributes that we as human beings subconsciously extend outwards within our interactions. Rather than shrinking into places outgrown, the human connections and panoramic mental views that Transmutation shines a bright light on doesn’t steer from dark places, yet subconsciously reminds viewers that now is the time to dive in and work their way through, whether developmentally prepared to or not. Threatening the ways in which modern-society organizes reality and expressing perspectives from a place of bravery and conviction, Transmutation leaves the writing on the walls for viewers aching for a sense of equilibrium. Cognizant of their discomfort and the projections of fear that can sporadically arise from time to time, these human lives take pride in being there for themselves in the hole of the cosmic black and showcase both the capacity for and development of courage to live out a life of compassion.

Paradigm-smashing epiphanies stemming from connection with divinity leads human beings to challenge the familiar and known which in turn serves to broaden and awaken the whole. Transmutation showcases the art of tapping into someone’s mind and stepping in their shoes within an enlightening documentary and view that is abounding with soul-baring vulnerability.  Questioning the way in which both you and fellow individuals operate subconsciously leads to the opening of the mind and the refusal to stand for the ways of being that is correlated with modern man. The human experience is eternally a private experience, independent of external validation or expectations. We’ll leave the meaning behind this next line up to you – there is no such thing as a perfect landing, therefore, why not take the leap? It is time to exercise being your own safe space. Grant yourself an unreserved yes to take value-connected steps toward embodying your highest and truest self. Uprooting normality was the intention behind this documentary, Transmutation, but then again, what is normal?