Niles is a Father, Husband, Autodidact, Life-Consultant, Investor, Occultist, and Esoterist. Yet he will always be a student of life. 

Applying the knowledge gained from his experiences in those areas has been astronomically helpful in his general well being and understanding of the world while fostering a willingness to share with other kindred spirits who also have ears to hear through his interactions as well as the media he creates.


Summarizing skill set

In terms of his profession, he has been a Writer, Director, Designer, Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, Colorist, Visual Effects Artist, and Podcaster. Jack of all trades, master of none. Or, a more simple encapsulating summary would be a Filmmaker or Documentarian.



Life requires balance. Niles does this by working with individuals directly and creating the projects which are the content represented in this portfolio. Years ago, he made the decision to take his multifaceted skill set and spend a significant portion of his time becoming a creator catered to original content which fueled his passions. This came out of a knowing that when one creates authentic work from the heart, it's not work at all. His path required doing an astronomical amount directly himself at many stages of the production, most of which goes unknown and unrecognized, but has made him a much more well rounded artist & filmmaker.



Regardless of obscurity or popularity, what Niles will never stop being interested in is creating great passion projects. Gaining his multifaceted skill set has synchronistically allowed him to create his own projects efficiently instead of just exclusively being a for hire technician on other people's projects. Going this more difficult road inevitably means periods of significant sacrifice, living through the journey and life struggles of a independent content creator constantly pushing up against budget constraints while operating in the unknown. However, when you follow your heart and vibrate at a higher level, you are rewarded in rather unsuspecting ways.



Since one's inner work effects their outer work for the better, Niles aims to insert some level of wisdom into everything he creates. Reality is more powerful than fiction, so when Niles' creates outside of the industry, his work aims to inspire self-empowerment. 

It's better to die having made a slow drip amount of consistent excellence, cottage industry style, than working exclusively for decades on other's mass productions. This requires you to go your own way and make your own living rather than just "getting a job". That way you cease to be a robot and instead leave a legacy.



One can only get so far in life until they really take a deep dive into the study of human consciousness. It's a arena which fascinates Niles and thus he makes a series of weird experimental art films of folks talking about the subject which are featured here. The voices are arranged in no particular order and more chapters may be manifesting in due course as the audio samples are collected.

WARNING: It's not in the interests of big business, big government, big religion, big science, or your ego for you to hear them.



It's important to know what you're good at and what you're not good at. Niles loves networking with other talented folks and is always happy to connect. He does that for fellowship building and not client chasing or career climbing. Industries are driven by ego and he's not very egotistical or competitive, so promoting himself is not his strong suit.

Most others with red carpet champaign dreams try to gain patriarchal power positions in the cut throat commercial world shilling to corporate brands and endlessly trying to rise up hierarchies of the entertainment business. While occasionally there are great projects made by those types which bring in the dollars and deserve recognition, the vast majority of it leads to work which is visually interesting, yet is completely status quo not to mention extremly substantively thin. 

So if you're going to play outside that mindset, you might as well create work which is an extension of your unique individuality. Thus it will likely be contentious, paradigm destroying, and un-commercial. You know, REAL.


About Finding happiness

If you've read this far, here's a secret for arriving at a happiness destination...

It happens when you have a near perfect alignment of your inner feelings with your external doings, day after day. It's very difficult and IS your spiritual journey.