EP051: Lorenzo Hagerty

Author, podcaster, and Palenque Norte Lecture Series found Lorenzo Hagerty on a decade plus of an incredible podcast.

Set and setting = MIND SET

Loerenzo's personal site "Matrix Masters" - http://lorenzohagerty.com/
Lorenzo on Twitter - https://twitter.com/PsychedelicLozo

Psychedelic Salon official Site - https://psychedelicsalon.com/
Psychedelic Salon on Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/lozo-382782666
Psychedelic Salon on Archive org - https://archive.org/details/PsychedelicSalonALL
Polenque Norte lecture series (which are later played on the Psychedelic Salon) - 

From Larry from Lorenzo - https://vimeo.com/49928377

Some highlight Salon episodes:
Episode #100 - https://psychedelicsalon.com/podcast-100-psychedelics-and-spirituality-conference-1983%E2%80%B3-part-1/
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Terence McKenna lecture to UFO community - https://psychedelicsalon.com/podcast-150-ufos/

Niles' Polenque Norte Lecture "Visualizing the Psychedelic Experience" - https://psychedelicsalon.com/podcast-422-visualizing-the-psychedelic-experience-using-computer-graphics/

Folks mentioned:
Bruce Damer
Timothy Leary
Joanna Harcourt Smith
Ralph Abraham
Myron Stoleroff
Gary Fisher
Shonagh Home
Fraser Clark
Alan Watts
Terence Mckenna
Sasha Shulgin
Albert Hoffman
Paul Herbert
Aldous Huxley
Raam Dass
Robert Anton Wilson

Esalen Institute - http://www.esalen.org/
Omega institute - https://www.eomega.org/

Occupy Wall Street - http://occupywallst.org/
Black Lives Matter - http://blacklivesmatter.com/