Why street you ask? Because it's documentary photography - being the candid photographing of unfamiliar subjects usually in urban environments. All walks of society, regardless of economic class, share the public spaces and one documents the human condition via capturing those chance encounters. Your internal reality will reflect elements of yourself back to you in your external environment, so documenting those “random” incidents can be of great reward since there are no coincidences.

Shooting street is Niles' main form of still work. Using the experiences of looking through a rangefinder camera as a way to look back at himself. It’s a life therapy technique he does, sometimes with others but mostly alone, to capture the light of anyone he finds interesting or compelling. Here's a blurb regarding:

Niles occasionally mentors with others which is intrinsic. Extrinsically, he's been working on bringing an intimate street photography workshop / group photo walk into manifestation. Since even the most introverted amongst us enjoy spending time with others who have similar interests.

He guarantees tons of proactivity, humor, compassion, and personality in the host! As well as exotic locations visited, beautiful photos made, philosophical discussions had, memorable fellowship gained, and all around life-changing excellence achieved. 




A death-metal strong-bearded alien creature has been spotted!

It bestowed a face-melting pink laser bast from its eyes which transmitted a torrent of data stream from the astral upon me during the snapping of this pic. Future mega channeled text from the download will be forthcoming.


Some parents artificially increasing their babies immune defenses.


A cinematographer shooting a piece about another cinematographer talking about photography.


Sometimes it takes not voting to realize that voting can have an effect. Since one day the UK is part of Europe and the next day it is not. 


A smaller percentage of men come to realize at some point in their adulthood, what most women have already known since day one. That your shoes make your outfit.  


Through the bread and circuses, “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” - George Bernard Shaw


Too much hardware becomes fashion over function. Why yes, this fine gentleman is ready to walk the runway.


Ice cream sandwiches from a cute vehicle taste better.


Whether you're an indigenous man from the African Sahara, or a working professional in London; your dress is a reflection of your own self-respect. 


"Our city be flooding!"

"Yeah, and apparently there's no connection with this asshole burning gas in his BMW creating excess carbon causing the glaciers to melt."


Instead of looking at the geometry and fashion of the feminine divine goddess, deeply observe the masculine reactions to that subject.


Dear hyperconnected urban landscape, do you remember nature?


Our demons are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interest. Clear thinking and moral insight are therefore of incalculable value.


She seekith company of those who who appreciate the Western classical tradition.


It's all mirror work.


America's export to the world... Fecal filled fast food and conflict mineral made / slave labor constructed / ovarian cancer generating / NSA spying enabled Apple products. 

*Disclaimer, this post was written on a Macbook Pro. 


A room full of books is a sign of a well read and likly well-educated mind. Often times more commonly seen in the dwelling spaces of older generations.


Wine is basically liquid sugar and it's not good for you. Despite the association's attempt to say it lowers cholesterol. Is low cholesterol really the best tell of heart disease either?


Good coffee is delicious. However, caffeine can, unfortunately, be a preventative against a strong light body. Let alone a rainbow body. Perhaps there's also a double rainbow body?