Niles is a documentary photographer & filmmaker and consultant. His projects aim to tell empowering human stories and he consults with individuals on their own life development.



On Life

Reality is more powerful than fiction and Niles' personal work is about real life and self-empowerment. Being an autodidact who's constantly studying wisdom has led him to dive into areas of ancient philosophies, medicine practices, the esoteric, consciousness, and occultism. Applying this knowledge to both his work and life has been astronomically helpful in his general well being and understanding of the world while fostering a keen willingness to share the more in-depth knowledge with other kindred spirits who also have ears to hear. Since one's inner work effects their outer work for the better, he now aims to insert some level of wisdom into everything he creates. Which outside of his filmmaking entails sharing insights in his Reality Tunnel essays, podcast Novelty Generators, consultations with others, alternate media appearances, and his photography blog Philosophical Photography.


On Being Yourself

Niles balances life by spending half his time working with individuals directly and the other half on his own passion work which are the creations and content represented in this portfolio. Years ago, he made the decision to take his multifaceted skill set and spend a significant portion of his time going his own way becoming a filmmaker catered to original content which fueled his passions. This came out of a knowing that when one creates authentic work from the heart, it's not work at all. His path required doing an astronomical amount of work directly himself at many stages of the production, most of which goes unknown and unrecognized, but has made him a much more well rounded filmmaker. Most others with red carpet champaign dreams try to simply become directors in the cut throat commercial world only telling other's what to do while shilling to corporate brands and endlessly trying to move into the white bread, little to no new content, arena of much of Hollywood. While occasionally there are great projects made in those areas which bring in the dollars and deserve recognition, the vast majority of that content leads to work which may be visually striking but extremely narratively thin with little to no substance. And that's before it's watered down by all the cooks in the kitchen of hierarchy. Hence this website proudly doesn't look like your average portfolio.


Regarding Passion

What Niles will never stop being interested in is doing great work, cottage industry style, in service to the great work. Going this more difficult road inevitably means periods of significant sacrifice, living through the journey and life struggles of a independent content creator always constantly pushing up against micro budgets operating in the unknown. However, when you follow your heart and mentally vibrate at a higher level, you are rewarded in rather unsuspecting ways. The process in doing so allowed for not only much more conscious stories to be told, but it also catalyzed a great deal of positive life changes for Niles. Leading him to become a autodidact and life-long student of philosophy all while creating the best and most rewarding work of his life. 


Some Current Ventures

In 2010 Niles started Aurora-Lab as a side venture. A film production company focused on his own filmmaking. His award-winning short film Supervised was released to festivals in 2013 and his second short film, a science fiction concept test called Auroras was completed in 2014 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. His third narrative science fiction story, Tin Soldier is being developed as a graphic novel and future narrative film projects called Terra Incognita and The Master Who Makes The Grass Green are in development.

Always working to expand his artistic expression, Transmutation is his first dive into the realm of feature documentary film making and he is also the co-creator of the documentary series Shamans of The Global Village. Now based out of the Bay Area, he provides direction for the production company Only The Source and his footage from various projects can be listened through Filmsupply.



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Speaking Events

2017 Red Vic Panel Speaker
Psychedelic Science 2017 Panel Speaker
2016 Palenque Norte Lecture Speaker
2014 Palenque Norte Lecture Speaker
2005 Visual Effects Society Panelist



Official Section - 2016 Annual Raindance International Film Festival for Shamans of the Global Village Episode 01: Octavio Rettig & The Sonoran Desert Toad
Best Sci-Fi Short Film "Supervised" - 2013 Burbank International Film Festival
Honorable Mention & Best Special Effects "Supervised" - 2013 LA New Wave International Film Festival
2012 VES award nominee: Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Broadcast Program or Commercial for Toyota GT86 - The Real Deal
2011 VES award winner: Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Broadcast Program or Commercial for Gears of War 3 - Dust to Dust
2011 VES award nominee: Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Broadcast Program or Commercial for Ghost Recon - Future Soldier "Camo Up"
2009 Academy Award and BAFTA Award winning team member for Avatar - Best Visual Effects
2008 Academy Award and BAFTA Award winning team member for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Best Visual Effects
2008 Visual Effects Society award winning team member for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Outstanding Compositing in a Feature Motion Picture
2006 Academy Award winning team member for Happy Feet - Best Animated Feature



Niles has a background creating imagry for commercials, game cinematics, and Hollywood. Years of experience in a variety of feature film and high-end commercial post-production artist roles led him to become an On-Set Visual Effects Supervisor, where he was responsible for overseeing plate photography with New Line CinemaWarner Brothers20th Century Fox, and Marvel Studios. After having been a member of three Academy Award winning teams shared between the Animated Feature and Visual Effects categories, he specialized in cinematography on both the live-action and computer graphic fronts. His camera work in the game cinematic industry resulted in multiple Visual Effects Society award nominations for outstanding achievement in virtual cinematography, receiving the award in 2011. 


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